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Who has the best Weed in Detroit? / 5pm Today with 5xl Large and in Charge

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There have been rumors of people travelling to California and Colorado because they have better weed. All of the efforts that we gave in Michigan to get it legal here may be for naught. Or Maybe?

We want to know who has the best Weed in Detroit.  Or as T-Money Green calls it, some Snoop Dogg knock you on your butt weed.

Call in at 313 429 0801 and let the people know where to go!  Or post on our Facebook page

Health and Fitness  with Vet-Ann

The King of Electronic Football and the Mumford High School 40 year reunion promotion with Jim “The Hulk” Davis



5xl Richard


5xl – Large and In Charge / Today’s Show @ 5pm EDT

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weedleaf1Cannabis Review of  Apollo 13 and White Widow Skunk by T-Money Green and the Weed Man

WeedMan is a member of the  Trade Union Labor Council… !

Vet Ann and her “Torture for Health” plan…  🙂

City of Detroit News:     The State Fair Project,  M1 Rail, and Apprentice Jobs.

Mumford 40 Year Reunion Noise…

Vanessa Simpson Olive For State Rep Dist. 3 / Live at 5pm

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Live interview with Vanessa Simpson Olive, candidate for State Representative in the 3rd District.    She will vote to repeal Public Act 460 of 2013 that requires you to carry your Medical Marijuana in the trunk of your car while driving. She will support the City of Detroit in Lansing to have our own Insurance company or, a single Statewide Insurance Rate for all state residents.   Post your questions or comments on our FaceBook Page or, call in at 313 429-0801.

Find your State Rep District (click here for map)

Listen in on  between 5-7pm to 5xl Large and in Charge.



T-Money Green with the music,  Jim the Hulk Davis on Electronic Football League activity

Listen in and give us a call. Or post your questions on our Facebook Page..

5xl Large and In charge…

Fun Friday with 5XL Large and In Charge

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How about Extending the Dream Cruise South of 8 mile Road?

Worlds largest Swim Lesson with Dept of Recreation on Friday June 28th, @ 11am

Strain of the week is New York Diesel  grown in Michigan

T-Money Green and Jim The Hulk Davis holding down the studio.. with a little help from the Weed Man

Bong Hit for Detroit

The Crew

The Crew

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