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Battle of Bands: Week 1

This is start of our new process for picking our Featured Artist each week.
The concept is simple. We are picking the first two bands/artists to go up against each other. Then you vote. Winner gets a 3 song block in the following week’s episode and goes up against a new band/artist.

Poll located on sidebar!

Week 1: Olio vs. Smileyfoot

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Battle For Featured Artist

So I have this idea to do a featured artist segment on the show. Whether it be a single son or a block of songs, I want to showcase individual artists & bands to help spread their music into the world.

I could just pick one of the bands working with me, but I want to have more fun with it than that. I am thinking each week, we do a battle of the bands that runs from Saturdays to Thursdays. Utilize an online poll and share a post with links to both songs. The highest voted song gets placement in that week’s featured artist segment.

We’ll run it all through TapDetroit.com here and the band/artist that wins, goes up against a new band/artist the next week. Which brings me to my next point, if you’re in an artists/band or you know/love one…Then by all means send them this way. I’d love to grow my library of music to share with the world. Have them email me at TheOddPodd@gmail.com

Welcome to The Odd Zone

Welcome weary travelers, pull up a chair, stay awhile and listen…err read? I dunno man, it sounded all majestic and shit in my head.

Hi, I am Odd (insert canned audience saying NO SHIT) and I figured if I am making Tap Detroit my new home, I should carve out a space for myself. Enter “The Odd Zone”, which you already have and without permission too..That’s naught and we’ll have to do something about that.

For now though, an explanation of what to expect here…Ready? ANYTHING and I do mean literally anything. Blog posts, showcased topics or videos, pretty much an orgy hodge-podge of random weird things.

First let’s start with a proper introduction. Odd man of course is not my real name, but it’s as real a name as my real name. I started podcasting in ’07 and went a solid decade of doing things myself. I ran a network and several shows during that time. Hosted numerous live events and got to experience so many cool things and people.

I got married (for the 2nd time) and moved out of state for a couple years, lived in Kentucky and in Arizona and let me tell you…If you’re thinking of moving to AZ, don’t move to the mid or southern part of the state unless you like 1000 degree temps. I decided to move back home to Michigan to reboot during the pandemic, not just my show but my life and career choice as well.

I work for a production company who specializes in online mixed media shows, I am currently writing and doing production manager duties for an upcoming project. I am also a published writer, a graphic designer and I am helping with some of the website management duties here on Tap Detroit.

I have a beautiful wife and two furry “kids” to keep me busy, we’re both gamers and can often be found playing CoD with our friends. My wife’s job is pretty cool, but unfortunately I can’t talk about it due to the sensitive nature of what she does. I can say a love of true crime helps in what she does.

My show is like nothing you’ve really ever heard before, unless you’re an “Oddity” and have heard my previous shows. I take pride in the fact that, on my show you will laugh, cry and shake you’re head in disbelief at the stuff we talk about and find to share.

All in all, just consider me you’re friendly neighborhood radio DJ. So join me live every Friday Night at 8PM here on Tap Detroit.

The Plankman Show 4-11-19

On our BIG show last night we played Dream Theater,Void Vator,Bullet Boyz,Pantera & Alfies Roadhouse. We also talked all things Dream Theater with our pal CJ from Firebrand radio. We discussed the AWESOME Dream Theater concert at The Filmore April 2nd. I also talked about The Void Vator show at The Token on April 3rd that was bad ass. Oh and at the end of the show I discussed local government & how screwed up it is here in Michigan. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Its also available on YouTube & Podbean.

Thanks for listening.








The Plankman Show 3-14-19

We had VERY special guest in studio Drew Clark to talk about his NEW band The Chord & The Crow. We had a lot of fun talking about old times & of course Drew played some tunes for us during the show. Music we played was from Griffin Tucker,Social Class Zero,Reject The Silence,Ray Street Park & Underland. Song’s Drew performed acoustic for us were “Figure in Doubt”, “Think Fast” & “Just In Case”. All can be heard by clicking the player below. The Entire show was recorded LIVE on Youtube if you need a visual medium.

Big thanks to Drew Clark for coming in & hanging out for the entire show.




The Plankman Show 3-7-19



Thursdays show was much better. We kicked off the jams right away with The Infatuations,Eva Under Fire, Ray Street Park,Dying For A Living & New Day Revolution. If that wasn’t enough we finally talked ALL things Dream Theater & their new album “Distance Over Time”. Then we played a few from DT along with a new one “Paralyzed” to educate Ted on all things DT. Then we rapped with music from The Tiddies,Project Payne & the all mighty Void Vator! Anything I forgot can be heard by clicking play on the player below.

Thanks for tuning in.

Also, Should we stay LIVE or should we just podcast the show?

Let me know what you think.



Shows also available on YouTube & Podbean.com




The Plankman Show 2-14-19 Valentines Day Special

We played all your favorite “Love” songs by request from our FB page along with some personal favorites. We discussed some podcasts I been listening to along with(Oddly enough) censorship & whether or not I should watch what I say on this podcast. What do you think? Does it even matter anymore? Plus! we ended the show with 6 in a row from our friends Steel Panther. Nothing says love like a Steel Panther song……. Or 6.

Thanks for tuning in. Anything I didn’t talk about here can be heard by clicking play on the player below.

Feel free to share the show on any social media outlet of your  choosing. If you like the show enough & think people should know about it? lol







The Plankman Show 1-31-19

We had a SURPRISE Special guest that even I was unaware of. Ted brought friend & former band mate Chiaki Maeda on the show & we talked about their old band days. We started the show off with 3 Phase. Then we had NEW music from 75 days of sun along with Tomorrow The World,The Tiddies & Wayland.  Then we also played music from Megadeth,Kingoftheill & Hellyeah! We ended the show with music from Ray Street Park,Reject The Silence,Underland, Harlow& Dying For A Living who are playing The Token on February 9th.

Anything I left out can be heard by clicking the player below.

P.S. No band members were injured during this show.








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