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Vote Green in 2017 Joe White of MINORML

From 5-7pm today Join hosts Free The Weed and T-Money Green with Joe White of Michigan NORML talking about what we can do get the Economic Benefit of Marijuana and remove all criminal penalties for possessing and using Cannabis.   Be a part of the 4/20 Voter Registration program of Tap Detroit and local Marijuana Care Centers in the City.

How can MMCC owners help churches pay their water bills?

What are the 5 most important things needed in the City of Detroit?

Call in at 3134290801

Music by  Edward T-Money Green

Engineered by Olin Ezra

We Are Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.


Back In Action

We’ve decided to stick it out… What can’t kill us can only make us stronger. TapDetroit programming returns 3/20/17 with Medical Mondays. Yeah Man.

Humbly Yours,
Olin Ezra


We are Back Online / THC Conference Show Special

Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station is back on after maintaining peace with the owners of the facility. After a further review of both sides of the picture, we have the full faith of the City and Ownership to remain and sustain creativity with artists instead of captivity in a jail.  With the help of current tenants, the Russell Center will be up to code with the City of Detroit.  We believe in the creativity and the artist in Detroit,  we believe that the weed must be freed, to give the people what they need.  We believe in T-Money Green in 2017 to keep Detroit Bass in the Place.

We have to claim our successes in the areas of re-investment of the green revenue. On October 1st, 2017 every Michigan firefighter will be financed with the proceeds from weed to cover the costs of breathing toxic fumes and PTSD symptoms.  Construction materials made from hemp will create lots of opportunity for new home construction in 3d layering.  States with 1/2 the population of Michigan are pulling millions while we are still under the last vestiges of a bankruptcy.   In other words Cush Creates Cash, that will send bankruptcy to the trash!


Please Make Plans to Stop by the THC Expo at the Roostertail this weekend. Tickets are $20 at the door. The Conference starts from 9am-9pm today Friday March 17th, Saturday 9am-9pm, and Sunday 12-5pm.  Doctors will be on site for Certifications.

Genesis 1:19  Seeds for what we need to succeed..

Appreciation Prayer Breakfast for Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. at Liberty Temple Baptist Church 17188 Greenfield, Detroit MI, 48235  Saturday March 25th, 2017 9am-12pm.  Contact Betty Simmons at 3132244535


We want to send a Bong Hit Out to the following:

Karen Drew and Kevin Dietz  of WDIV 4 Detroit

Building and Safety Charles Bell

Detroit Fire Department  Fire Marshals

The Owners of the Russell..


Detroit City Council Member Mary Sheffield District 5

Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr.

Ronnie Dahl.

And please remember to register vote Green in 2017 for Edward “T-Money” Green for Bass Master of Detroit. Candidate for Detroit Music Awards in May.

Call in at 3134290801.


Is Cannabis a Religious Institution?

Join us in praise today at 5pm to discuss the recent denial of  variances for  Marijuana Caregiver Centers in the City of Detroit by the Board of Zoning Appeals based on religious institutions.  Whats Next?

#NoMoDPSSchoolClosings  DPS Alumni rise up to shut down the shut down.  #FreeMumford

Super Bowl Picks and Detroit Lions…  our time will come..

Hosted by the Weed Warrior, with Music and commentary from the legendary bass master Edward “T-Money” Green

(313) 429-0801 – Call In Number Engineered by Olin Ezra!

Repeal and Replace Detroit’s Marijuana Ordinance

Today’s show will give the latest news on Medical Marijuana in the City of Detroit.

Will the people get a voice in redesigning the new ordinance.

Music History with Grammy Award Winning Bassist T-Money Green

Alternative Fuel initiative with cities in Michigan by law requiring all public owned vehicles be required to run from alternative energy like industrial hemp.

Special guests call ins .     Call #313 429 0801

The Plankman Show 12-29-16

The last show of the year & KZ’s last show with us. It was hard to say good bye cause KZ’s been with me through a very rough 2016 year. All the best KZ!

Also we played a couple of the interviews we had with Simon from Fractal Cyphers & Sagan & Nick from Hail Sagan. Also put it out there what I personally want to accomplish in 2017 with some of my musical friends. Anything you missed can be heard on the podcast player below.

Special thanks to a few people who helped keep me going & didnt throw in the towel when I was down.

Obviously Olin, Jon Asher & his crew at Asher media, Shauna O’donnell and O’donnell media,Eclipse Records,EMP,Gold Dragon records(Which is now Milwaukee Junction records.) and many more. Thank you for sticking with me through a very trying time in my radio career.

Talk soon,




Impervious Acers of Weed.. Pay for the Water We Need

weedleaf1While a few people cannot afford to pay for an Impervious Acre,  our Marijuana based care centers are adding to the economy of the City of Detroit. Can we put a grow house on 7 mile and Woodward sponsored by church to treat opiod addiction? The Question is?

Call in at 3134290801 and listen to Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station with Music and Commentary by Grammy Award Winning Legendary Bass Master Detroit’s Own Edward T-Money Green.  Engineered by Olin Ezra at 5pm Every Friday on

Passing Across Party Lines – Trump and Weed

weedleaf1Today at 5pm Eastern Time the Weed Warrior will interview a Weed Supporting Republican and talk about the next four years, Marc Emery, and other issues related to our plant like Jury Nullification, decriminalization, and Equal Opportunity for Weed..

With music from the catalouge of the legendary Edward T-Money Green a Detroit Legend.

Congrats to the President Elect

Is Bill Schuette is a Lions Fan

We will pass across party lines to define the next four years regarding states rights and wrongs..  and how to right the wrong..


on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station


Free Doc Boyd – Lions – Hornets, Pistons and Wings Oh My

DocBoydThe Committee to Free  Dr.Gwendolyn Boyd from the haters on the Alabama State University President Board of Trustees will give a statement on air today. List of charges against Dr.Boyd Black Friday Special Show with the Dankest news from Detroit.  Music and insight from Grammy Award Winning and main man Bass Master Edward T-Money Green and guest reports from Oregon, and California.

It’s Friday and what is the State of  your Bud today?

Go Lions and Bong Hits for the Red Wings!

One Day the Weed will be free, in the streets of Montgomery!

Snoop Dogg halftime show promoting green jobs for no layoffs in 2017

Tune into  Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.. call ins are welcome at 3134290801 at



Oakland County Weed Warrior Andrew Cissell Live

andewcizellThe Weed Warriors on will interview the man who paid a price of his freedom to change Marijuana Laws and mindsets in Oakland County MI at 5pm Friday 11/18/16 on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station and Livestream TV. Fresh from serving a 90 day sentence for possession of Marijuana, this former candidate for State Representative will be on with Detroit’s dankest internet radio host to talk about the ground game when it comes to Marijuana legalization in Michigan.

He ran twice for state representative but, also led triumphant petition campaigns in five Oakland County towns to decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

Music by the legendary Bass Master and, Grammy award winning Edward “T-Money” Green.

To call in and participate please call 3134290801 or, watch us on and burn one with us. Engineered by Olin Ezra!


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