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5XL Large and in Charge is a internet radio show dedicated to the uplift of Detroit through positive messages of hope. We have Jim "The Hulk" Davis who is an outstanding. Electronic Football Coach, Edward "T-Money" Green legendary Bass player and, Richard "Free The Weed" Clement Marijuana Activist. Fridays from 5-7pm

Labor Day Weekend with 5XL hosted by Jim “The Hulk” @ 5pm

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The Crew

The  5XL Crew

Today’s Show starts at 5pm

Music and Cali report from T-Money

EFL Football with Jim “The Hulk”

Workout report from Vet Ann on the 5XL biggest loser campaign.

Bong hit for Renee…  get well.

State of the Bud report from the Weed Man.  4:20 Voter Registration Drive



Strain of the Weed/Week  Girl Scout Cookie

Sing along with the Detroit Lions Fight Song

Forward down the field,
A charging team that will not yield.
And when the Blue and Silver wave,
Stand and cheer the brave.
Rah, Rah, Rah.
Go hard, win the game.
With honor you will keep your fame.
Down the field and gain,
A Lion victory!


Dream Cruise, Pot News, Sports News, new views….

The Crew

The Crew










  • Tapping Detroit’s roots to the core…
  • Dream Cruise News (click here) Rocking Woodward All This Weekend!
  • Detroit national anthem by T-money green…
  • Electric Football News  and biggest loser contest between T-Money and The Hulk, Is the plan from Vet Ann working?
  • Break Every Chain (click here for the report) The Marc Emery tribute in Windsor Canada on behalf of the citizens of   District 2, City of Detroit, State of Michigan and, United States of America.
  • Live @ 5pm Eastern Time on internet radio. Call in at (313)429-0801


Marc Emery is free

A Free Marc Emery in Windsor Ontario Canada after being kicked out of America with $150 and a new pair of Nike Gym Shoes after serving 5 years for selling seeds of medicine.

Marc Emery is Free /  In Justin Tredeau we believe!

Jodie Emery for Canadian Prime Minister










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The Mumford High School 40 year Reunion Edition

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Good to be a Mustang!

Today 5pm-7pm on  313 429-0801  call in and holla at a Mustang..

After forty years the old school gets together again.. Mumford HS 4o year class reunion tonight at Burton Manor in Livonia and shout outs will go to everyone.

Election results and analysis..   General Election Turnout predictions.

Taking your Blunts to the Ballot Box in November..  Turning up the Vote in 2014

News and Noise from the Electronic Football League with Jim “The Hulk” Davis

Music homage paid to  Mustang musicians by Edward “T-Money” Green   “The Bass of Detroit”

Engineered by Olin Ezra.

The Crew

The Crew



The Weed Seed Marc Emery Deportation Party in Detroit – Aug 2014

5xl RichardToday’s show will be a tribute to Marc Emery who is leaving the USA via the Detroit/Windsor tunnel after spending 5 years for selling Marijuana seeds internationally.

We are hoping that we the people can ask Attorney General Eric Holder to allow the US Marshall to fly Mr. Emery into Detroit City Airport for a small reception and apology from weed the people. (click here – Party in Detroit with Marc)

Check out the plan and share your thoughts on 5xl Large and in Charge today at 5pm on

Call in and toke with the host at 313 429 0801



059Check ins by Bass Master T-Money Green and Jim “The Hulk” Davis.

EFL warriors, the Hulk is BACK!

Today’s bud sponsor will be Purple Erkel.




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Did Snoop Dogg smoke weed at the White House? Commentary by T-Money Green


We will ask T-money his commentary regarding  The Dogg-Father firing one up on the grounds of the White House. (Click here to read Snoop’s story)

Marc Emery: Canadian Weed Hero is leaving America after 5 years in prison for selling seeds.  He will be sent via the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel back home sometime in August.  The Prime Minister of Canada and a few of his friends do not want him back. We want to send him off with some Detroit spirit as the US Marshall Service drives by the City County Building.  Besides White Boy Rick,  Marc Emery is another white boy that is a victim of the US Drug War (Click Here to read the story on Marc Emery)

Taking your Blunts to the Ballot Box –  Voter Information center at Wayne County Community College for Green Jobs with the 420 Green Job Slate (click here to display the Wayne County and Michigan 420 slate)

Call 313 429-0801 between 5-7pm and listen to us on 

Mumford Gathering Saturday 26th   rain plans…

Electronic Football News from Jim “The Hulk” Davis…

Guest Workout with Vet-Ann  on the 5xl Biggest Loser contest…

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5xl Richard





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