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5XL Large and in Charge is a internet radio show dedicated to the uplift of Detroit through positive messages of hope. We have Jim "The Hulk" Davis who is an outstanding. Electronic Football Coach, Edward "T-Money" Green legendary Bass player and, Richard "Free The Weed" Clement Marijuana Activist. Fridays from 5-7pm

Election and Bankruptcy Analysis from the 5xl Crew and how it will affect you

IMG_20140318_140640After the Bankruptcy and the Election.. What Next?

5xl will give their spin to the election results with commentary from the Weed Man on how Weed did better than the Democrats in this election cycle.

Should weed be a plan of adjustment for the City of Detroit to make revenue for supporting retirees and public servants? Bud for Bankruptcy..

Football news from “Jim the Hulk is back” Davis / NFL pick 6

Music by the bass master of Detroit  T-Money Green

Engineered by Olin Ezra

Call in at 313 429 0801 between 5pm-7pm to #FreeTheWeed for the jobs we need.

Vote-E the Clown says it’s time to Run Schuette out of Town! / Vote Weed Wednesday Oct 29th

Vote-E the Clown says it’s time to run Schuette out of Town. Say no to pot haters in Nov. 2014!…   (Click Here)

The Crew

The Crew

Vote Weed Wednesday on October 29, 2014  9a-5pm at Wayne County Community College on 8200 Outer Drive Detroit MI.

Vote the 420 Slate of Candidates for the State of Michigan  (click here)

Detroit My Home from T-Money Green

Football picks of the Week from Jim “The Hulk” Davis

Bong hits for Bama State, MSU Spartans, Detroit Lions

Engineered by Olin Ezra  – Call in at 313 429 0801 and listen to us on at 5pm today

The Cure for Ebola? Is there any thing Weed can’t do?

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weedleaf1We will be sampling cures for the Ebola virus with Blue Cheeze and, Mustang homegrown OG grown in Detroit.

Is there anything weed can’t do?  Fighting Ebola with Cannabis(Click Here to Read)

Bud for Breasts?  Supporting the fight against Breast Cancer with some Lansing Og from TNT

67.5 million dollars in revenue for the State of Colorado in one year of legal Marijuana.   Vote straight D to keep the weed free (Elect the 420 Slate of Candidates Click Here)..

Music by  Detroit’s own Edward T-Money Green

Electronic Football and NFL Picks of the Week with Jim “The Hulk” Davis

Call in 313 429 0801 –  5xl Large and in Charge  5pm on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.

Today’s Show – Detroit My Home Written by T-Money Green

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Today’s Lineup

Meet the 420 Cannabis Slate.  The November 4th Election is coming and we need to know who to vote for. To view this slate please click here to print your slate.

Call in at 313 429-0801

Electronic Football Challenge and 5xl Biggest Loser campaign

Honoring Music Legend Bass Master Edward T-Money Green at Detroit City Hall  and pick the best track a Detroit inspirational song on

The news in Weed from the Weed Man and the 420 Get Out the Vote campaign with Vote-E the Clown


The Crew

The Crew







Tap Detroit With Council Member Mary Sheffield Today

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Council Member Mary Sheffield


Special Guest District 5 City Council Representative Mary Sheffield… (City of Detroit Website)  Bankruptcy and going forward

Eletronic Football/NFL/College picks from The Hulk

The Week in Weed: Friday Oct 17th at the Marijuana Ranch Cafe..  Shove it to Schuette political party 6-10pm!   A mission to elect Mark Totten Attorney General for the green jobs we need and, protect the pensions of working people.

T-Money Green and the Detroit song.


Open Line at 313 429 0801


Today on Detroit’s dankest internet radio   5xl Large and in Charge

The Crew

The Crew

Detroit/Windsor Marijuana March / Saturday 9/27 Windsor CA

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Call in at (313) 429-0801

City of Detroit back in charge  Removing the EM and his boss (click here)

EFL Football

Detroit/Windsor Marijuana March Saturday 9/27/14  (Detroit/Windsor Tunnel Bus fare $4.50 US)

Bong Hits for Reggie Barlow, Mumford Mustangs, and Detroit Lions

New Hockey Arena

Music by Edward T-Money Green

Engineered by Olin Ezra

The Crew

The Crew

Today’s Show – 5XL Large and in Charge 9/12

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5xl with Tmoney Green, Jim “The Hulk” Davis, and The Weed Warrior

Vet Ann and a host of friends..

See you at 5pm

Sponsored by AK-43


059 5xl Richard

The Crew

The Crew

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