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5XL Large and in Charge is a internet radio show dedicated to the uplift of Detroit through positive messages of hope. We have Jim “The Hulk” Davis who is an outstanding. Electronic Football Coach, Edward “T-Money” Green legendary Bass player and, Richard “Free The Weed” Clement Marijuana Activist. Fridays from 5-7pm

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The Week In Weed – Detroit Ordinances / Ohio defeat is a Victory for Michigan


Today’s show will address the Detroit Marijuana Ordinance that was brought before City Planning Commission.

  1. Are these complaints manufactured by people who want to “corner the market on weed”?
  2. Reefer madness lives in Detroit.  Meet the new “crook” working for the City identified by evangelicals who hate weed and, Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr.
  3. Will busting blight with bud aid in the turnaround of the City of Detroit. Empty storefronts turned into palaces for pot re-defining building reuse in the  City.
  4. We will also address the defeat of the legalization in Ohio by a 2-1 margin, By the people saying NO sends a strong message to the Paul Welday, Tim Beck  legalization effort because it is the same model that they are pushing
  5. Should Mr. Kilpatrick’s federal conviction be converted to call in at-home probation for 2 years and the people in Flint who poisoned the water with lead take his place in the federal jail?

Music funk provided by the legendary Edward T-Money Green

Strain of the week, Death Star and Rose OG.

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What passed as an “ordinance”

The City Planning Commissioners voted 4 to 3 in favor of recommending that City Council adopt Councilmember James Tate’s Chapter 61 – Zoning of Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers with a few changes to the proposed ordinance.

1. Reducing the radius footage and spacing between other controlled uses, and medical marijuana centers from 2,000 ft to 1,000 ft

2. Maintaining the 1000ft restrictions of medical marijuana caregivers centers being near religious institutions Application for a Religious Institution.

3. Adopting ALL of the definitions of the Drug Free Zone federal regulations which means not just Detroit Public Schools, but includes PRIVATE AND PUBLIC ACADEMIES AS WELL. In addition, the expanded definition of the federal government includes libraries, parks, daycare centers, playgrounds, etc.

4.RESTRICTING and limiting the access to Major Thoroughfares and Overlays

5. Requiring Parking spacing be included (Parking defined by the square footage of the building determining the number of spaces needed)

6. Limiting WAIVERS TO BSEE ONLY! No going to BZA!!!!! And, BSEE can only make an exception up to 10%

7. Removing M4 and M5 as places for medical marijuana caregiver centers

5XL Large & In Charge 09/11/15



We talked to Matt Able and bassist Emily Rogers in the second hour –


Is weed Howe we will pay off the loan from Canada to build the Gordie Howe Bridge? The Canadian election is on October 19th and 3.6 Canadian citizens will be given the opportunity to elect a Prime Minister that is Pot Friendly.

The Late Piere Tredreau was a strong supporter of Legalized Pot. Now his son Justin is running for the job on October 19th.  We want those #BCBud Lovers in the Great White North to take their bud to the ballot box and Vote Weed and Vote for Justin Treadeau October 19th.

Marc Emery is Free and now it’s time for Clemency for Marc Scott Emery. May the Emery’s cross back into the USA over the Ambassador Bridge or, on a Cruise Ship stopping at the Port of Detroit!

Funding Pension Programs with Pot? (Click Here to Hear the Plan for Detroit)

Music history from Straight out of Compton with Edward “T-Money” Green

Engineered by Olin Ezra

Today at 5pm    call in number (313) 429-0801  5-8pm

Celebrating the Return of our own Edward T-Money Green to 5XL

We will be live at 5pm on 5xl Large and In Charge welcoming back my com-padre, and fellow co-host Edward T-Money Green to the show.     Listen in at and call in at 313 429 0801 to holler at my main man.


Toke along with us!



The Right Wing war on Weed in Detroit – Proposed ordinances seek to shut down the industry by exorbitant fees, zoning, and questionable rules from a few community groups.  What can we do at a Cannabis Community to protect our investment

Lansing denies adding Autism as a qualified condition that is treatable with weed over the advice of Doctors because the current administration in Lansing want the program to fail.

Pot for Pot holes instead of a__holes.  Pot for Pensions financing, Pot pays for Schools:    MI Legalize is the only true legalization program for the people.   Two other proposals sponsored by GOP operatives seeks to privatize the Weed Market for a benefit of the few and, return to the old days of Civil Asset Forefeiture and putting people like Marc Emery back in prison for selling seeds.

Working to get Canadian Citizens Jodie and Mark Emery back in the United States via the Ambassador Bridge as visitors and a Free People.  Canadian elections will determine if we can give permission to sell Cannabis at Duty Free shops at both ends of the bridge.

Get an @hbcubuzz with me today….   burn one for agriculture development at your favorite Historically Black College or University…    Quinton Ross is the man for you, he will grow your bud as purple as a Que!  Ross for US Senate(AL)  bud makes more money than bingo!

Tune in and toke along with us today at 5pm  at on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.

Sponsored by todays strain of  OG-18, Purple Paris.

Cannabis Cup Tournament Pre-Cup Party – Who has the Best Bud in the Land

Aug2015CannabisCupContestants will be meeting to see Who has the Best Bud in the land? This pre-cup simulcast party will interview some of the leading growers in Michigan along with educational material and information on the Cannabis Industry.

We will be talking with Captain Kirk champion grower and educator on processing cannabis for use in Butter, Cookies, etc will be there to meet and greet guests.

Location 9046 N. Dort Highway, Mt. Morris MI 48458 2pm-11pm

Michigan Legalization progress with

The event will be broadcast from 5-7pm  on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

5xl Large and In Charge on

Music by T-Money Green, Engineered by Olin Ezra…

Sponsored by the Red Rum Society


Snoop Dogg in Lansing MI Sat. July 11th with a Capitol Burn

10301937_10206135196046355_3989047611197490932_nGreetings Weed Warriors,

Snoop Dogg is bringing his show to Lansing Michigan on Saturday July 11, 2015

Show your support for Marijuana reform by purchasing a ticket to the Lansing Common Ground Festival for Saturday Night. The event is located 1/2 east of the Capitol dome, in Downtown Lansing by the Riverfront. (click here to purchase a ticket)

Snoop Dogg is headlining the show and we are asking all lovers of the plant, to attend with your medicine and, take the time to sign the legalization petition hosted by #MI Legalize. (Click here to Free The Weed in the State of Michigan)

Representatives will be there to take signatures and register people to vote.  We need in excess of 302,400 signatures by December 24th to place the question on the Ballot in 2016 for a vote by the people.

Lansing Michigan is a 420 friendly City and the Capitol of the State of Michigan.

Mayor Virg “Free the People” Benero welcomes you to party in the Capitol City, in safety from prosecution and protected from health emergencies by Lansing Fire and other EMT units if needed.

While you are there let your elected officials know on the State, County, and Local levels that The Peoples Right to Party shall not be denied…

Music by T-Money Green bringing the P-Funk..

Guest Call in at 313 429 0801


Free The Weed for the Jobs We Need – Yes Indeed..



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