Tiny & Plankman 80’s Special

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for tonights show. All of your love & support for myself,tiny & The Moss family has been overwhelming through this very tough time. Monday will be very hard I won’t lie but knowing that all of you are there to support us BEYOND the radio show really means the world. I want to thank SO many people that it would probably be rude to list names cause I would forget someone. If I’ve talked to you in the last few days you already know how much it has meant. Couple people I want to thank. Drew & Andrea Clark for coming in studio & hangin with us during a very difficult time. Drew even learned Shelly’s song & was going to play it acoustic for us but I had no idea. Also wanna thank Olin & Jonny G & Billy Lisk for always being supportive & keeping things postive. Don’t know what I’d do without them guys on a Sunday night. Thank Mike Parsons for calling in & chatting with us. There has been SO MUCH support during this time at Tapdetroit I cant thank everyone there enough. Tonights show was difficult to say the least & we need everyones help to make sure that Jack Richard grows up & knows how awesome his Mommy was. 1 of Shellys friends has started a fund for Jack Richard. Please if you can help donate whatever you can Its greatly appreciated. Jack Moss Jr,Erma Moss & Leo Gidea are going through a very difficult time. Any support they can get is truly appreciated. Tiny & myself will be at Shelly’s funeral tomorrow at Uht Funeral Home in Wayne on Glenwood & Elizabeth. If you want to send anything to the family you can @ Even just kind words are appreciated. Thank you all for tuning into our show tonight & again thanks for the support. It means a lot.



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Tonights Tiny & Plankman Show 7-7-13 Recap

Tonight was 1 of our best shows to date. 6 Prong Paw can go on record as being 1 of the FIRST bands to have me SO nervous to perform at my best that I did the whole show sober. These guys are just 1 of my favorite new local bands (even if their from Hastings,MI.). Those guys ccame in studio ready to throw down acoustically & even had bongos. Now thats cool! Also we had Amber bring us another band for “Keep it or Leave that shit at home”. Kevin did a stellar job on keeping up with all The Hockey trades & deals that went down this past week but more importantly YOU THE LISTENERS KILLED IT! Once again 1 of our best shows to date even when me & Tiny seem to be out of it you guys are tunin in. Thanks to all of you for your support. Without you guys we’re just 2 idiots yelling at eachother. Don’t forget to tune in Monday around 4 or 5pm for the replay of tonights show if you missed anything or If I left anything out.

Also we continue to try & send good vibes to Shelly Moss in the hosiptal by playing her favorite song every Sunday to start our show till she wakes up. Its amazing to me the power of positive thinking & just playing a song that it might spark them to wake up. I will do whatever I can to get Shelly to wake up & all of you guys supporting our cause to help The Moss family is greatly appreciated.



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