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Tiny & Plankman Show 11/30/14

We played some AWESOME & different covers of some songs you may know which was inspired by Psychostick’s cover of “Danger Zone”. We dug up some really cool(& weird) covers. We also discussed the things You shouldn’t say to someone from Detroit,This week in Rock History & D double O D Dood of the week. We saved Band to Band combat for the last segment which was interesting. We went overtime & that always gets weird so download the podcast below & hear what you missed.

Catch ya all NEXT SUNDAY.

Thanks for hanging in till the end of the show for those who listen EVERY Sunday.





Tiny & Plankman Show 11/23/14

Our Thanks(MIS)Giving special had a special appearance by Jenn(She made us Mac N’ Cheese FINALLY!lol) and with Amanda which made the show great. Food &

We also had Band to Band Combat with Harlow going up against Cyk Cylinder. We played some cool tunes & talked a lot about nothing. We also wanted to Thank you guys for tuning in EVERY Sunday to our show. Without you guys we are nothing.So, if you missed Sundays fun click on the player below & enjoy. Sorry for the late post. Went to The Bills Jets game. GOD The Jets suck. We’ll be back next Sunday for Turkey Day hangover!






Tiny & Plankman Show 11-16-14

We had Rickett Pass in Studio while Tiny was not do to a flat tire. Mason,Joe & Dallas joined us Despite Tiny’s absence & were a blast to have in studio finally. You can check them out Saturday night at PJ’S Lager House in Detroit. Anything else you missed is in the link below. Listen & enjoy.



Tiny & Plankman Show 11/09/14

Wow! What a show! I don’t know where to begin. Seriously was really cool to get to talk to Kevin Martin from Candlebox.After the whole call in mess up. You’ll have to listen to the replay to hear what happened. Really nice talking with him,finding out what “Far Behind” was really about & also sharing my story with him about what it meant to me. Also, we had Rich Pyle of Hardcore Pawn & Daniel Harrison & The $2 Highway on I think NONE of the interview was serious till the end. Really also good catching up with Rich & you can see Rich along with Daniel Harrison & The $2 Highway & Kevin Martin from Candlebox & Ray Street Park & more this Friday at The All Around in Taylor Michigan. Definetly going to be a fun night there Friday night. Also we did Tiny’s Bandemonium preview where we played some of the bands you’ll hear Saturday night at Cpl. Edward J. Bova VFW Post 9885 in Westland,Michigan.  Whatelse? Oh. Band to Band Combat featured Resistance going up against Detroit POWERHOUSE Harlow you can vote on the vote tab on the website till Wednesday night. We debuted a “New Segment” called “Yes it’s true news.” I shared a Birthday shot with Legendary Leader & founder of Tapdetroit Olin Ezra(also found out through fb he’s human). It was chocolate covered strawberries injected with vodka. Yeah man. So all that took us into OVERTIME. So, when we finally wrapped up the show we decided to play “Far Behind/Voodoo Chile” performed by Candlebox from Woodstock. Needless to say hearing that song at the end of the show got to me & I had a moment. Remembering my Uncle Kenny & how I sat in a small room in the basement of my parents house unable to face to “real world” without my best friend. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to say”Hey Uncle Kenny. Look I’m doing internet radio(cause he always told me this internet thing was going to take off & you’ll be buying all kinds of stuff on it. I never believed him of course I was a dumb just like you said. The internet is taking over.” Well. I didn’t say that but I did thank Kevin from Candlebox for writing a song that helped me get through that dark time. If you ever wonder why Tiny & myself do this internet radio thing? Go back to this show & listen. It was us. Perfectly unperfect. Unscripted. Real. Music gets us through so much. Without music where would be?

Thanks for tuning in & thanks for reading this blog.



Kenneth Ralph Kowalewski




Tiny & Plankman Show 11/02/14

We paid tribute to Wayne from Static X to start the show. We also played Female fronted bands to celebrate NovemHER. We had music from Fall Prey,Nightwish,Darling Down,Aurin,We are the fallen & more. All Female fronted bands. We also had Thies week in Rock history(which we found out Who shared their birthday with Cyan). Oh yeah. Cyan was in studio celebrating her Birthday with us along with her friend Liz. We also for some strange reason got stuck on Hall & Oates “Private Eyes”. You’ll have to listen to the podcast link below to hear what you missed. Tiny’s D double O D dood of the week PLUS band to band combat which you can vote at We also discussed “Shacktown” a.k.a. Norwayne & the fact its a “Historical area now. If you missed that check out this

Happy Birthday Cyan!

Check us out next week. Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel.





The Tiny & Plankman Show 10/26/14

Last nights show was HUGE! Razlog returned after a little break (bands stuff). We had Rawrb from Psychostick call in to The show which if you missed THAT check out the link below & listen. It was GREAT! We debuted a NEW Psychostick song “President Rhino” as well as found out what it takes to write GREAT lyrics like they do. We also played  The Sinister 666 SCARIEST songs of all time AS voted on by you the lsitener. Which by the way Congrats to Jason Horton for winning the Psychostick prize pack. Speaking of that Thanks to Jenn for donating The Psychostick prize pack & for showing up to pick the winner…….Eventually. We just had to play the song that creeps me out the most & to make things better Tiny decided the 11 minute version would be better. Also, Wenchie showed up in “possum Hunter alpha” costume. God, who doesn’t LOVE Halloween. All kinds of stuff going on last night so if you missed anything check the link below. Tiny had his D double O D DOOD of the week. This week in Rock History & Band to Band Combat went down. Make sure you vote for you’re favorite band.

Thanks to everyone who listened.

Don’t forget to get you’re copy of Psychostick’s Revenge of The Vengeance out on November 4th. Also, their playing The machine Shop on November 8th so sounds like a Tiny & Plankman Show ROAD TRIP! If you’re in the Flint area that day come to The Machine Shop & hang with us & Psychostick. Looking forward to seeing these guys LIVE myself.


Talk to you all next Sunday Night on



P.S. No chicken were sacrificed during this episode.


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