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Tiny & Plankman Show 08/24/14

Last nights TnP Show.

We had Gary Smith from Rockys in Riverview on to discuss(along with Justin from the Rockery via phone) the upcoming Michigan on Mute festival at Rockys this coming weekend. We also had Nico from Detroit VooDoo to discuss all things Detroit Voodoo & KOYL. Oh we had a surprise return Co-Host Amber Ruehle who stayed for MOST of the show. There was also for some strange reason A DEBUT of a song called “Welcome to The Russell”(DONT SUE ME AXL ITS JUST A JOKE!) by Plankey. Why? I don’t think ANYONE knows. We played some awesome music from Detroit VooDoo,KOYL,Social Class Zero,Bridge To Grace,Downspeed & Ominous Presence(which was this weeks BAND TO BAND COMBAT. Go to the vote tab on the website & pick either DOWNSPEED or Ominous Presnece. Also yesterday was the anniversary(I guess) of Judas Priest being sued by Nevada for 2 kids killing themselves (allegedly) to their music. We played a song “Heroes End” & some of the interview of the band from back in 1990. That was This Week in Rock History. Remeber it? Miss it? Weren’t born yet? Miss last nights show? Nico LOVED IT! Well click on the link below to get the podcast & enjoy anytime you wish.

Thank you all for listening(And reading)


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This just in.

We can NO LONGER PLAY “Welcome to The Russell”




Tiny & Plankman Show 08/17/14

Tonights show we had Rick Stafford from Ray Street Park filling in for Tiny. I thought we’d play A LOT of music but we actually talked quite a bit. Pretty much the whole first hour talking about whats been going on with him & got into some personel stuff with myself. I think Rick learned more about me tonight then he has in the 10 or so years I’ve known We played music from RSP,Alfies Roadhouse(for Tiny),Downspeed,Bridge To Grace( AWESOME band outta Atlanta me & Tiny simply cant stop listening to) & Immoralis(outta Minnesota). Speaking of Minnesota my cousin Kris Plankey made a brief yet weird appearance toward the end of the show. Also we discussed a possible “BOWL-A-THON” to benefit The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. If you or someone you know has Epilepsy or is in need of help or advice go to We also paid tribute to Elvis Presley at the end with Metal Elvis Burning Love. EVEN EVIL would appreciate

Hope you all enjoyed the show. VERY, VERY Special thanks to Rick for filling in tonight. You did just fine man. If you missed out ……. No worries. The link to the podcast is below. Click on it & listen anytime.

Thank you all for supporting us & our show.

You guys are the best.




Kris is the cooler Plankey


Tiny & Plankman Show 7-27-14

Well. It was The Tiny & Plankman Show minus Tiny with Mike Hitch from Kastura filling in along with his buddy GRIZZLY. Who Olin thouwas EVIL from Fall From Disgrace & 2 Fat Guys & A Pipe. We had a Tiny & Plankman Double Play of 6 Prong Paw (as voted on by you the listeners) we played DOWNSPEED band to band combat champions still along with music from Broken Day Machine,Maybe Whitney,Pick Axe Preacher,Dead Sky & Shudder. Also I told you about my problem with a Mr. Mike Portnoy. To hear what you missed click on the player below. Dont forget The Chritine Jones Benefit & OF COURSE dont forget DIRTFEST 2014 we WILL be broadcasting LIVE. Also I forgot to get to “This week in Rock History”. It was a good 1 to….. OR…… MAYBE? You decide. In 2010 on 7-27 Queensryche brought a Cabaret Show to Las Vegas. Seriously! Dont believe me? Heres the link go see it for yoursef.

Thank you guys for listening. Thanks to Mike from Kastura & GRIZZLY for hangin out with me.

Talk to you guys soon.


Tiny & Plankman Show 07/20/14

Last nights TnP show was strange to say the least. First off we had the pleasure to talk to The 1, The only Bone-O The Great from Fall From Disgrace to give us an update on his condition. We also had Joey Davis from Traumatize call in & talk about Traumatize & a million other things. Then we had a “strange” call. Someone looking for technical support on If you missed that along with Surprise guest Ominous Presence & Austin from Soldiers Last Breath click on the player below or go to the archive & get last nights show.Also this weeks Tiny & Plankman Double play participants are Sick Smile,Harlow, 6 Prong Paw,Underneath It All & 5th Wall Concept. Click on the VOTE tab on the website & vote for the band you want to hear a DOUBLE play of this coming Sunday. By the way. To answer the callers question about emailing Tapdetroit there are some technical difficulties with our website & we are looking into the matter. Thank you.

Thank you guys for tuning in & oh yeah! Who knew  sold Condoms? Anybody?lol

Talk to ya all next Sunday night.



Tiny & Plankman Show 07/06/14

Tonights Tiny & Plankman Show we DEBUTED a NEW sponsor to the Show The John Fox Escort & Entertainment service. Ladies sign up. The line begins behind Amber. Also we played music from Dead Sky(Nothing For Now Tribute Band) NEW music from Shudder & 3 Phase, Traumatize whose CD JUST CAME OUT also played some good old DC DRIVE along with Sick Smile & of course our good friends from across the pond Like A Storm. Amber had quite a bit of Hockey news along with Tiger updates. Tiny & myself buried the hatchet so you could have a MUCH BETTER SHOW. Today above ground was a good day. Also in the very last 10 mintues of the show (which you may not of heard due to technical difficulties) We announced a NEW segment to take place of Keep It called Tiny & Plankmans Double Play. We’re going to take 5 bands & whoever gets the MOST VOTES on will get 2 songs from their band played back to back. The Tiny & Plankman Double Play stay tuned for that. Hope you all enjoyed the show & hope you all tune in next week.

Thank you




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