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Tiny & Plankman Show 11/02/14

We paid tribute to Wayne from Static X to start the show. We also played Female fronted bands to celebrate NovemHER. We had music from Fall Prey,Nightwish,Darling Down,Aurin,We are the fallen & more. All Female fronted bands. We also had Thies week in Rock history(which we found out Who shared their birthday with Cyan). Oh yeah. Cyan was in studio celebrating her Birthday with us along with her friend Liz. We also for some strange reason got stuck on Hall & Oates “Private Eyes”. You’ll have to listen to the podcast link below to hear what you missed. Tiny’s D double O D dood of the week PLUS band to band combat which you can vote at We also discussed “Shacktown” a.k.a. Norwayne & the fact its a “Historical area now. If you missed that check out this

Happy Birthday Cyan!

Check us out next week. Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel.





The Tiny & Plankman Show 10/26/14

Last nights show was HUGE! Razlog returned after a little break (bands stuff). We had Rawrb from Psychostick call in to The show which if you missed THAT check out the link below & listen. It was GREAT! We debuted a NEW Psychostick song “President Rhino” as well as found out what it takes to write GREAT lyrics like they do. We also played  The Sinister 666 SCARIEST songs of all time AS voted on by you the lsitener. Which by the way Congrats to Jason Horton for winning the Psychostick prize pack. Speaking of that Thanks to Jenn for donating The Psychostick prize pack & for showing up to pick the winner…….Eventually. We just had to play the song that creeps me out the most & to make things better Tiny decided the 11 minute version would be better. Also, Wenchie showed up in “possum Hunter alpha” costume. God, who doesn’t LOVE Halloween. All kinds of stuff going on last night so if you missed anything check the link below. Tiny had his D double O D DOOD of the week. This week in Rock History & Band to Band Combat went down. Make sure you vote for you’re favorite band.

Thanks to everyone who listened.

Don’t forget to get you’re copy of Psychostick’s Revenge of The Vengeance out on November 4th. Also, their playing The machine Shop on November 8th so sounds like a Tiny & Plankman Show ROAD TRIP! If you’re in the Flint area that day come to The Machine Shop & hang with us & Psychostick. Looking forward to seeing these guys LIVE myself.


Talk to you all next Sunday Night on



P.S. No chicken were sacrificed during this episode.


Tiny & Plankman Show 10/19/14

We played a tribute to Bob Sharon to start the show off with Diana Ross & The Supremes”Someday we’ll be together”. Kind of like the Motown music to start the show. We also jammed some Bridge To Grace,Harlow,Alfies Roadhouse & Ordway. Then the moment of truth! The moment I’ve waited a LIFETIME for. DREAM THEATER! Top 5 DREAM THEATER songs & they were MY PICKS! FINALLY!lol

5. Caught in a web (Awake)

4. Forsaken (Systematic Chaos)

3. As I Am (Train Of Thoughts)

2. Burning My Soul (Falling Into Infinity)

1. Take the time (Images & Words)

Seemed fitting to end the show with “Take the Time” by Dream Theater especially after going to Bob Sharons funeral today & hearing his son Bob talk about his Dad. Take the time. Appreciate those around & those that are near & dear to you in you’re life. Even if sometimes they drive you crazy. Appreciate them for who they are cause “If tomorrow never comes”.

Thank you guys for checking us out every Sunday & stay tuned to our FB page cause we may have something really cool coming NEXT Sunday for you guys.






Tiny & Plankman Show 10/06/14

We talked with Martin from Protokult & ended up on the subject of BEER (Of course). We talked about their music & where they were playing in Canada & maybe someday coming to The States. If you haven’t heard them you should definitly check them out. Also, Tiny decides mere HOURS before the show that we should ALSO have on Sarah from Aurin to promote their NEW CD Catharsis which comes out on October 14th so make sure to get you’re copy it’s a great ALBUM.Aurin also was picked for this weeks Band To Band Combat to go up against Dead Mans Ransom so make sure you go to & vote for you’re favorite or you will anger Tiny. We also had RAZLOG in studio again who demanded we play Ordway (which is a awesome band & we hope to have them on the show in the near future) & Razlog demanded Soulsik another 1 of Razlogs bands he’s met out on the road with Shudder & Harlow. Tiny gave us his MEGA 5 Megadeth songs. I tried to give my list but we had so much going on I never finished………. THAT”S WHAT SHE SAID!

If you missed anything from yesterdays show OR you just want to hear it again click on the link below & listen to you’re hearts content.

MUEN Magazine/Owner/Writer for getting us Sarah from Aurin with such little notice.

Thanks to all of you that tune in & can be a part of our show.


Thank you,



Dedicated to The Weaver family



Tiny & Plankman Show 09/28/14

LAst nights show we played Tantrics NEW single Cynical along with music from Adage,Fall Prey,Spiral Crush & Band To Band combat RETIRED Champion Downspeed. Speaking of Band To Band Combat. This week we had Ignoring The Echoes VS Ravenscode. We also interviewed Reshaun from Where Giants Once Stood. Was it an interview or Hockey & Canadian Football talk? You decide. We also debuted The Like A Storm Didgeridoo. The podcast is below this post you can listen at your convience.

Thanks to all of you that continue to follow our show.





Tiny and Plankman Show 09/21/14

Hi there. Here’s You’re TnP recap from Sunday night. We had Kevin Razlog of Shudder & Harlow show up to do the show. I guess if you’re going to show up unannouced bringing me 2 Molson Tall Boys is probably the way to go. Nicely played Raz. We interviewed Justin (Singer) from Adage a really cool band out of North Carolina. I think you’ll like hearing their music on our show. Because Tiny wanted to hear “Growing Colder” & their NEW single is “Hold On” we ended up playing both from their Debut EP Defined. You can check them out on fb,reverbnation,etc. Hope someday those guys make it this way. We also had The TnP Excellent 8 Hair Band Songs from the 80’s (as decided by Tiny & myself). Here’s the list….

8. Queensryche – Breaking The Silence
7. Kim Mitchell – Go For Soda
6. Lita Ford / Ozzy – Close My Eyes Forever
5. Enuff Z’Nuff – Fly High Michelle
4. Poison – Nothing But A Good Time
3. Van Halen – Hot For Teacher
2. Ozzy – You Can’t Kill Rock n Roll
1. Guns n Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Any questions? Thought not.

We also had Band To Band Combat with Downspeed going for win #10 to be retired vs. Relik. Voting ends Wednesday at midnight…… Not 12:01am.

We also played a tune for Chet for his birthday by request of April(formerly April In The D). There were 2 D double O D DooD’s of the week. Tiny’s was Justin Pullum (Owner/Operator of The Rockery in Wyandotte) for helping keep some of Tiny’s show that were already booked at Rocky’s from being cancelled. Nice work sir. My D Double O D DooD of the week was my nephew Jordan. For making a goal line stand at the end of the first half in his football game Friday night with NO time on the clock to keep his team in the lead at the half. They end up winning the game. I’m so proud of him for everything he’s had to go through with being Diagnosed with Epilepsy at 17 & fighting through it all to get back on the field & not give up on his dream to play football. He’s my DooD of the week. Nice job buddy. We also had a little fun at the end of the show BUT you’ll have to listen to the replay posted below to hear what craziness we got into. Oh yeah and By The Way we had a surprise repeat appearance by Wenchie. Check out the replay below & Dont forget NEXT Sunday night we have Reshaun Page from Where Giants Once Stood out of Toronto Canada so all you Canadian listeners won’t want to miss this.

Thanks again for listening(and reading this post).





Tiny & Plankman Show 09/14/14

So, What can I say tonight was an AWESOME show! What an awesome band Viathyn outta Canada. Really nice talking to Tomislav Crnkovic (Vocals) in the band. Definetly a band you’ll be hearing a LOT of on our show.  Their NEW CD drops October 7th called Cynosure. We played the NEW single Ageless Stranger tonight along with music from Shudder,It Lies Within,Downspeed,Underneath It All, Where Giants Once Stood, A War Within & oh yeah…… For The FIRST TIME EVER ON OUR SHOW we actually played Pistol Day Parade! Also started the show off with “Father” from Aaron Moore. So. If you missed tonights show you missed a TON. We also talked to our friend CJ( The Music GOD) about The NFL. Go figure You can catch CJ’s show on firebrand radio. If anyone knows music its CJ. We have some cool bands coming up real soon. Stay tuned to our FB page for the latest on whats going on or whose going to be on our little show.

Thanks again to Tomis from Viathyn.

Catch all ya later.

Thank you all for tuning in.


Tiny & Plankman Show 09/07/14

What an awesome show! We had Andrew & Kenny in studio from Sick Smile hangin out & we also had Hugo call in from Tantric. Even though his cell phone service wasn’t the greatest(he even said so during the interview) we had a great conversation with Hugo about everything including the NEW album “Blue Room Archives which drops on September 30th. We debuted their NEW single “Cynical” which is not like anything they’ve done before. Definetly has its own sound. So if you haven’t heard the new tune you can download Our podcast below & check it out. We also Debuted NEW music from Viathyn (which they’ll be on next Sunday night to promote their new album “Cynosure”. These guys are a progressive rock band out of Calgary,Alberta. We debuted their new single “Ageless Stranger” tonight as well as played a band out of Texas called Downfall 2012 with their song “Face to Face”. We’re getting a lot of music coming in from ALL over the US & Canada & loving every minute of it. We did Band to Band Combat Downspeed vs. A War Within.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in & BIG THANKS TO HUGO from Tantric.


Really enjoyed talking with him. Tune in next Sunday for The fellas from Viathyn.

Thank you guys


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