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The Plankman show 1-11-18 80’s Night

Our 80’s show kicked off with Seduce then we just went crazy with 80’s music. So much 80’s music I cant remember it all! Then we were joined by a special guest in studio whose running for President in 2020 the one and only Volcano! Anything I left out can be heard by clicking the player below.

Hope you enjoyed the 80’s music as much as I did.

Tune in this Thursday for another great show & an interview to be named later.




The Plankman Show Year in review 12-28-17

So, what a year. What a crazy ride but along the way some good times with good friends NEW & Old & all in all the show turned out pretty good. We featured Norman from As Strange As Angels, Mike Williams & Michael Hopper of Pick Axe Preachers, Marq from The Bullet Boys, Darcy & Josh Day from Day One, Tom Jeffers of Tiddies & of course the 1 & only Erik Kluiber of Ironaut. Anything I forgot can be heard in the podcast by clicking the player below.

Thanks again to all the amazing people that have continued to support the show over the last year. I truly appreciate it very much. Thanks to Ted Eberly for joining the show & putting up with the nonsense. As always thanks to Olin Ezra for allowing me to do the show that I do with NO RESTRICTIONS and hes always there to help when I screw something up! Like the phone call with CJ. lol. Thanks Olin. Thanks to Dan Mark to for listening,supporting & helping with the show. Your the best Dan! 2018 is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait. See you guys then.





The Plankman Show 12-21-17

What an AMAZING show last night. HUGE Thank you to Fiona from Apparition for chatting with us all the way across the pond. So we debuted 2 songs from them & we got into Teds CD Player which was Xerosun & we had Jeff & Ray Bauer from The Bob Bauer Memorial Food Drive on to talk about the success of the food drive,where people could still donate & much more! We had SO much fun we went over. WAY OVER! We also gave away 1 of Apparitions CD’s (When their finally released in February) so congratulations to Kristina Dehnke. We will get you the CD as soon as its available. If anyone else cant wait you can go to spotify or itunes or where ever you get your music on February 2nd. Anything I forgot can be heard by clicking play below.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for a GREAT SHOW!

Merry Christmas




The Plankman Show 12-7-17

What a AWESOME show last night! Did you miss it? How could you?! We had Ray & Jeff on from The Bob Bauer Memorial food drive which will continue until December 15th so get your ASS out to 13 mile & Gratiot & drop off some food for those less fortunate. Also we had Whats Ted listening to & some cool music from Saints of Sin & a special song to end the night. Anything I left out can be heard by simply clicking play on the player below. Even I know that. Thank you guys for tuning in Sorry Dan Mark we didnt get to your thing tonight but we will I promise. Thanks again to Ray Bauer & Jeff Dehnke for stopping in.

Catch ya guys next week.




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