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Olin Ezra

See The Muzic News: Tantric

Jonny Reinhardt interviews Hugo Ferreira of Tantric. They talk about the new record 37 Channels coming out September 17th. They also talk about Detroit, life in general and what Hugo did to produce this album. Great interview, filled with tons of great insight! Click play below or right click the Download link and click “Save As…” to save the interview.

Tap Top Ten 09/08/13

Tap Top Ten for 09/08/13

1. Chaos Rains – Nursing The Pain (1)
2. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (2)
3. Chrome Mollie – Shake It (4)
4. Bulletproof Snow – Punished For My Innocence (3)
5. Blind Season – Mirrors and Scales (7)
6. Rezination – Another Shot (D)
7. New Day Revolution – No Goodbye (6)
8. Mary Jane’s Pride – Pinebox Letter (8)
9. Grand Circus – Fall From Grace (D)
10. Social Class Zero – Blown Away (D)

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